Maleo Capital

Maria Warren

Mayee Warren is a global expert in organisational development with a focus on enterprise knowledge management, legal-technology and business process innovations. She has over 30 years of successful record in renowned global organisations in corporate, public service and academic sectors.

Mayee was Founding Director of the Australian arm of Practical Law, the legal “know-how” business of the global media conglomerate, Thomson Reuters. She also led the design and establishment of the first electronic courtroom in the Australian Federal Court and was IBM’s Subject Matter Expert in its Global Public Safety and Justice Division.

In the field of international law, Mayee utilized her expertise in international criminal courts in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. She also served as Chef de Cabinet (Chief of Staff) in the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands
Mayee is Adviser and Project Manager to the UNESCO Chair in International Law and Cultural Heritage with a brief to promote understanding and protection of cultural heritage through legal education, advocacy and social reform. She has been a co-recipient of the 2021 Publico Award from the Public International Law Network and was a nominee for Rotary Australia’s Most Inspirational Women in 2022.

Conrad Warren

Conrad has been at the helm of Maleo Capital since 2018, having previously held the position of  Global Head of Private Equity for First Guardian Capital – a boutique Australian Investment Bank and Superannuation Fund Manager – as well as the Managing Director of First Guardian’s Secured Convertible Bond Fund.

Conrad has cultivated a broad skillset from his 15 years within Investment Banking, including providing traditional corporate and advisory services to clients, structuring and executing technical Leverage Buyout (LBOs) transactions, as well as leading internal strategic and organisational initiatives within the Companies he invests in. He has directly participated in a number of Southeast Asia’s largest debt restructurings including Asia Pulp & Paper (US$14bn) and Asia Pacific Fibers (US$2.3bn).